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Internal logistics solutions from RK ROSE+KRIEGER in Mecano
Release time: 2023-05-18
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Internal logistics solutions

Tailor-made components and systems for you

The mobile vehicle helps improve the configuration process and protect components


Internal logistics refers to all internal processes involved in warehousing, storage, warehousing, internal transportation, order processing, packaging, and shipping。Internal logistics must be tailored to the process, with flexible adaptability and scalability。RK's extensive product range provides a solid foundation for designing and optimizing internal logistics。RK components harmonize perfectly with each other, and different series are compatible with each other。


With a modular family of more than 50,000 individual components, the Mecano RK offers the ideal customized solution for internal logistics。


We provide one-stop service for you!

Our product experts are happy to support your system solutions。

Separate transport trolleys/equipment carts for your internal logistics

Internal material flow, also known as internal logistics, involves the transportation of A wide variety of materials, components, tools, etc., from point A to point B。For safe transport without damaging the items being transported, standard trolleys, pallets and wheelbarrows are not the best choice。

RK modular products can be optimally customized to the product being transported, making them ideal for manufacturing transport trolleys or equipment carts。They can be adapted, extended, or even converted entirely to new systems as needed。

The mobile material library is the perfect complement to the workbench solution, ensuring an uninterrupted supply of materials。

We are happy to support you in the design and implementation of your in-house logistics solutions!


Movable panel trolley made of RK aluminum profiles

LEAN equipment truck with Kanban system

Movable kanban material library for assembly workbench

Material supply for workbench/assembly table


Orderly internal logistics also ensures that materials are always supplied correctly, all materials are clearly labeled, and products can be assembled quickly and without any errors。LEAN technology and assistive systems play an important role here。With RK products, you can develop personalized system solutions that can be supplemented by technical requirements, such as pick-by-light, poka-yoke or camera functions。

This means that the assembly table can also efficiently produce small or medium batches of products。Mobile assembly tables combined with material storage enable the production of very diverse products on very small tables。


Our lean experts will be happy to work with you to help you plan your system solution。


Material picking under the auxiliary system

Mobile workstations combined with material supplies enable different products to be assembled in the same place

A collaborative robot (COBOT) provides/removes materials for the workbench

Use modern technology to improve and ensure the safety of logistics

RK display mounts are designed for industrial needs and perform well not only in commercial vehicles and industrial trucks, but also in the industrial sector。

Whether it's a conveyor line, an industrial truck, or a picking/assembly workbench - there's usually no shortage of flat screens and touch displays。Many older systems need to be retrofitted with modern display technology, which is why RK has developed RK display mounts specifically for industrial use。


Identify hazardous areas and protect employees

Flexible and standards-compliant, RK safety protection and partition systems are often used to enclose automated production/logistics processes to protect operators and equipment, meeting the highest requirements in terms of safety, custom design and functionality。With decades of experience in this field, we can protect your sensitive storage areas, prevent dangerous areas or unauthorized access, and protect your employees from harm。


We are happy to support your protection system。

Picker station with monitor stand and guard rail

It is easy to install RK display mounts on industrial trucks and pickers

The RK guard ensures the safety of the automatic internal rotation system

Packaging printing and labeling

With more and more products, shorter product cycles, and more and more customized and serialized product packaging, we need more and more flexible labeling and reading equipment (printers, labeling machines, laser markers, scanners, etc.).。

The modular system of RK tube connectors and linear units provides you with a complete solution, including a bracket system that can be modified, supplemented or re-enabled if needed。


























Adjustable bracket system


Adjustable scanner

Picking car made of plastic pipe fittings

Aluminum or plastic pipe connectors are available for custom material transporters/pickers。

Mobile packing table made of pipe connectors

The mobile packing station is the perfect complement to in-house logistics and can be used in any production or scheduling area, ensuring that everything you need is always available。

Tailor-made equipment car for your product

The internal logistics module can be perfectly adapted to your product。This equipment truck can safely transport round materials (spindles) and protect the materials from damage。

Mobile device car with adjustable height

Everything you need will come to you soon。This special equipment car with RK tube connectors is the perfect partner for your work。

Mobile equipment truck

Everything you need will come to you soon。This special equipment car with RK tube connectors is the perfect partner for your work。

Sorting table

The mobile material supply enables different products to be picked at one station。


We can offer you a wide range of components and solutions

We have a wide range of products, high quality and highly engineered components, a wealth of creativity, knowledge and practical experience to provide you with the best solution。

Mecano - Your eternal choice!

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